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Upon walking into a trade show such as Magic, Agenda, or even the newly added Complexcon; there is always a somewhat cohesive idea surrounding the entirety of the event. Fancy however, had something completely else in mind. They decided to take aspects from all the corners of the retail environment, and in doing so, they gathered the best of each sub-genre in one location, New York City. To say that Fancy had out of the box thinking would be a false statement because there was no box to begin with.


With gathering all of the latest and greatest in one venue, what better place to debut it all other than New York, the fashion capital of the globe. Brands of all categories were in attendance. If & Co (jewelry), RYU (athletic wear), Guitar Center, KOIO (footwear) and of course yours truly to name a few. Much like New York, Fancy created something that was comparable to a melting pot of culture and style. Whether a customer came in specifically to find their favorite retailer or stumbled upon the event while walking through the notorious Meat Packing District; there was something for every type of person.


For Drifter, it was a welcoming return to the big city from past appearances and trade shows. Many were excited to see us back in the ‘Big Apple’ and took advantage of the opportunity to both talk as well as shop with us in person. Our Elysium skirt and all of our modal constructed pieces, such as the ‘Meyer’ and ‘Pavel’ tees, were the main attraction to the majority of shoppers. Lightweight was not something that a typical New Yorker is used to seeing in the middle of December simply because they don’t have the luxury of having summer year round’ as we do here in SoCal. Everyone needs a change of pace and a different venue to stray away from their mundane routine set in a certain area. And here at Drifter we are everything but mundane.


Fancy was greeted by many casual shoppers, fashion bloggers and even some celebrity surprise appearances during our VIP night on Thursday prior to opening day. Mike Dean, Trey Songs, Rick Ross and David Blaine were a few familiar faces that stopped by to show those at Fancy some love and support.


Trey Songz: “I saw this piece across the way and I knew I had to have it.”

If&Co: “This is just quality, you can tell the second you touch it.”

Fancy: “You guys would kill it in New York!” 

In the end we want to say thank you to all those who purchased out clothing from Fancy event and Fancy themselves for welcoming us to the east coast with open arms! Until next time.

ComplexCon 2016
If you missed this year’s ComplexCon, in Long Beach California, it goes without saying you shouldn't make the same mistake again next year!
All the latest and greatest were debuting new collections, exclusives and bringing back some of the essential pieces.



    • Vitamin D

    Upon collaborating with Alchemist Miami, Drifter brought out the “Vitamin D” line, a ComplexCon exclusive.
    To read more about this line and the possibly to cop pieces that didn't sell out, head back over to our main site.

    • Who Was There

    Being that this year was the first ever ComplexCon, it can easily be said that they came out swinging! Every major streetwear brand was in attendance; as well as some under the radar companies that are on the rise. It was a mixture of fashion, food, culture, music and even food! Brands that made an appearance were: Bape, Nike, Puma, and AntiSocialSocialClub just to name a few. As well as appearances from Pharrell, Ice Cube, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Wiz Khalifa! In a nutshell, this is a convention displaying the best of the best when it comes to the forward movement of fashion and pop culture.



    • Big Attraction

    Complex itself had its own merchandise to which Takashi Murakami designed. With that being said, it was only a matter of minutes before a three-hour line formed outside the gift shop; but that was not the only line in the convention. Nike released an exclusive Air Force 1 model and Bape collaborated with Kid Cudi, Travis Scott and Big Sean. All these factors resulted in all the local and foreign “hypebeasts" to swarm in and generate lines of up to 4 hours. Ironically, though, waiting in a line was not the epitome of this event.


    • Food and Culture

    Zumiez and local graffiti artist from Montana Spray Cans and Seventh Letter displayed live art. Period Correct had three cars on display; of them was one of the two Ferraris inside the convention. Yes, there was another; and yes, it was dope. Capsules shopping center brought on many new and smaller boutiques in the fashion industries. At a location like this, networking is essential if you want to make it big this industry. After all the walking and running to different shops, it was time to eat and recharge. Outside the grand entrance was a frenzy of food trucks from the best local food stops such as Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Yeastie Boys, and a ton of other delicious choices.

    • Performances

    After those who witnessed the surprise visits from Pharrell in the G-star unveiling and Wiz Khalifa coming into the Taylor Gang booth sparking a flame that is distinct to his style, many were ready for the live performances. Night one was headlined by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi while the second night consisted of 2 Chainz and local icon Snoop Dogg.


    • Final Note

    All in all, this event was something that may have been overlooked, but that certainly will not be the case the second time around. Hats off to Complex for throwing an amazing event! We hope to see you guys next year!



    Drifter x Alchemist

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